About Rio de Janeiro

For Touristic and Cultural tours you may contact: Gray Line Brazil .
They have a desk at the Sheraton hotel.

General Information:

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Everything, or almost everything, you want to know.

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Weather forecast on line: temperature, forecast, satellite images, etc.

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Arriving in Rio:

The best way to go to the Sheraton is by taxi.

  • Regular Taxi Service
    Phone numbers: +55 21 3078 5050/51/52; +55 21 2560 5428
    e-mail: correio@aerocoop.com.br

    This is a regular taxi (yellow with horizontal blue line).
    The car has the AeroCoop logo written on the rear fender.
    You have to get the car when you step outside the terminal.
    They have employees outside the airport wearing a yellow
    t-shirt printed with AeroCoop, but be aware that neither
    these employees nor the AeroCoop taxi drivers speak english.
    Cost with regular taxis should be around R$45 to R$50.
    They only accept cash in Reais (Brazilian currency).

  • Special Taxi Service

    There are taxi stands inside the baggage claim area and just as
    you go past Customs and Immigration.
    You can prepay at these stands your ride to town on a special taxi.
    The employees speak english and they accept credit cards.
    Cost should be around R$70 to R$80.

    They are:

  • COOPATUR (silver car) - Terminal 2
    Phone number: +55 21 2573-1009

  • TRANSCOPASS (red car) - Terminal 1 and 2
    Phone number: +55 21 2209-1555

  • COPERTRAMO (white car) - Terminal 1 and 2
    Phone number: +55 21 2209-9292, 8243-2958

    Important tip: Never accept transportation offers from non-uniformed solicitors inside or outside of the terminal.

    Note that if you arrive during workday morning the taxi will have to take a longer route than that taken outside rush hours in order to get to the Sheraton. This is due to changes in the traffic direction in Ipanema/Leblon during 6:00am till 10:00am. Then the taxi will probably cost around R$90 to R$100.

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